Monday, May 3, 2010

It's May!

May has always been my happy month! I'm not sure why, but I always feel the happiest during the month of May. Perhaps it's because my birthday is this month. I'm really hoping that Lilian's birthday will be this month as well!

I had a weird dream last night about giving birth. I've been having lots of vivid baby dreams lately. I arrived at the hospital and the midwife was going to check me to see how far along in labor I was. I didn't think I was very far because I had not felt any pain at that point. However, while she was checking, I ended up delivering my placenta. I'm not sure why that happened first but it was 18 pounds! They said I could push at any time but that I didn't have to. I was a little worried because I thought my baby needs the placenta! How is she going to get her oxygen? They started filling up the tub for me so I could have my baby in the tub, but then they suggested I try their shower. Boy was their shower amazing! It was a huge indoor rain forest! The whole room was raining down on me and there were flowers, plants, and trees all around. I could see the sky through the glass ceiling and it was an amazing place. The floor was made out of some squishy dark orange locker room material that you find in swimming pool locker rooms. I tried to find some pictures that reminded me of my dream.

This is the best picture I could find of what it looked like when I looked at the ceiling. Image a steady flow of soft rain drops coming from the ceiling. The temperature was perfect!These two pictures show the plants that seemed to be all around me. Imagine a large place with soft mats on the floor where I could walk around without having plants get all over me. This sort of scenery surrounded me while the sunlight and water rained down on me. It was a very pleasant situation. For some reason I never felt pain. I suppose that's because it was a dream!

I woke up before I actually delivered the baby, but it was so relaxing and nice just to dream about this part! That was the best shower ever!

I didn't realize how much my belly has grown in the past eight weeks. I guess since it's so gradual I've adjusted pretty well.

We were taking these pictures after a long day of touring the hospital, getting lost in Houston while trying to find a new cell phone for Robbie, and doing all the things we needed to at home. We ran out of sunlight so the flash on my camera kept making me blink. I finally just gave up. This picture is from 35 Weeks and 3 Days.

My due date is June 2nd, so I have a month left. Sometimes I still can't believe that I am pregnant. It's so weird because that is something other people do; not me!

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