Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Park Day

Yesterday morning I woke up, exercised, took a shower, fed the kids breakfast, and realized that my house was clean. It wasn't even 9am yet, and I was free for the day. That doesn't usually happen. The girls were getting moody already, so I decided we should get out of the house and do something. We got in the car and just started driving. We ended up at a park that I like.

Kimberly found an icky yellow slinky that became her treasure for most of the trip. She was delighted that she was able to find something so fun.

Lily always has a great time sliding down slides. It took her a very long time to work up the courage to start sliding down slides, but now she is a pro.

I kept trying to get Lily to take a regular smiley picture. I noticed Kimberly climbing the steps to the playground equipment in the background, and I ran to make sure she didn't fall. There are so many opportunities to fall off the sides.

Kimberly says, "I've got this, Mom." I let her do it, but I stayed close in case I needed to catch her.

I love these two little girls. Kimberly has been cutting her molars the past several days, and it hasn't been the most pleasant experience of her life so far. We haven't been able to get very much sleep around here lately. I think she would be happy if I never put her down ever again. She'd stay snuggled up next to her mama for the rest of forever if she could.