Tuesday, November 13, 2012

All Pretty

You just never know what matters to a 2 year old....

I've always suffered from dry skin. No matter what I ate or how much water I drank, I have had dry, flakey skin. One of the first words I remember learning were, "Hydrosone Cortisone Cream! Hydrosone Cortisone Cream!" I'm totally not making that up. I thought it had a neat rhythm and really had no idea what I was saying. As I grew up, I slathered all kinds of icky things on my skin to try to cure it. I thought, "Surely no man will ever love me and want to marry me with my dry, rough and hideous skin."

Thank goodness I was wrong. I am married to a man who loves me flaws and all. He even thinks that I have soft skin. I guess I do since I slather myself with lotion every single morning!

As part of my getting ready for the day routine, which usually happens in the morning, I will brush my teeth, shower, apply lotion to my body and face, fix my hair and get dressed. Lily usually either participates or keeps me company. When I brush my teeth, she brushes hers. When I shower, she gets one too. When I apply lotion to my face, she gets a little dollop on her nose. That's how we get "all pretty," you see? So any time I am putting lotion on my face, Lily says, "All pwetty? All pwetty? Aaaaaalllll pwetteeeeeee?" She'll repeat that until I put a little dollop on her nose. She loves it!

Well, this morning I completely forgot! I think she did too because she was distracted with something else as I was getting ready. As I was walking out of the bathroom, I heard these potter pattering little feet chasing after me? "All pwetty?" she asked. Her sweet little face looked so heartbroken that we forgot to do "All pretty." I asked her, "Does it really mean that much to you that we do all pretty?" She shook her head and said, "Yes!" So of course we girls went back to the bathroom so Lily could have her little dollop of lotion on her nose and be "All pretty."