Thursday, May 20, 2010

38 Weeks 1 Day

Yesterday I had a prenatal appointment. I didn't gain any weight this past week which makes me very proud! I was pretty discouraged the week before because I had gained FOUR pounds in one week. How did that happen! I think my baby ended up having quite the little growth spurt. Because I'm seeing midwives, I don't have any ultrasounds done or have very many internal exams. I haven't had one yet, but I think they are going to check next week, which will be 39 weeks. I'm not carrying low or high, so that means my baby hasn't "dropped" yet. At least her head is down. I'm measuring 38.5 weeks. She's always been just a few days ahead of schedule.

I was told I could take a Clariton and stop being so miserable. I was hesitant to just take the medication again because it seems as if my allergies bothered me about five or six weeks ago. I didn't want to bombard my little baby with MORE medication, especially this close to the due date. I say close...ha! It could be another month for all I know. I hope not though! I guess it wouldn't do either of us very much good if I'm exhausted and miserable from allergies. I've taken one Clariton and can't wait to take my next one. I guess it will take a few days for it to really start relieving my symptoms. At least I was able to get a really good nights sleep last night. It's been awhile since THAT's happened!

I have another pediatrician consult today. I thought I may as well go hear what this person has to say even though I think we've already decided on someone. If anything, it will confirm that the person I've selected is the right one for my family. There are several people at church that use the same office that I've selected, so that makes me feel better.

I finally taught my last lesson of the semester yesterday. It was supposed to be on May 10th, but I just couldn't leave my little fluties hanging like that when they still had auditions hanging over their heads. I only taught my 7th graders which was really a pleasure. They all have pretty much been trained and meet my expectations of practicing. It was also nice to be done teaching a little earlier in the day. I'm proud of the progress they have made and I hope they are able to play in their auditions like they play for me.

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