Sunday, April 13, 2014

Springtime Catch-up

It's been awhile since I've blogged, so I need to catch-up! I haven't taken nearly as many pictures of Kimberly as I did of Lily. One of the problems is that someone took pictures of our children from our Facebook pages without our permission, so I don't feel safe sharing pictures on Facebook anymore. I forget about taking them since I've gotten out of the habit of sharing them. I've done a lot better about being hands-free these days as well. I had so many books to read and a huge study guide to complete for Birth Boot Camp that I just didn't really have time to do much else. 

Here is a cute picture of Lily modeling one of her dresses that she got for Christmas. This picture just captures the essence of Lily. She always has this look of absolute sweetness and wonder on her face. I love this kid!

Kimberly in her Christmas jammies with her daddy. They are so cute together. I love them. 

On Kimberly's birthday, I decided I should treat Lily to some pampering so she wouldn't feel left out. Her hair was finally starting to look pretty scraggly, so here she is getting her first hair cut. Nope. I didn't cry. 

Kimberly had her first taste of a chocolate cupcake on her birthday. She got nice and messy. Her birthday was super simple. No decorations. No themes. Just good friends and some simple snacks. MeMe and Pyran were able to make the trip out, which was extra super special. 

A few months ago area midwives and doulas met together for a doula/midwife networking gathering at The Birthing Place in Houston. They have a sort of famous mural in there, and I took a picture with it.

Cute Kimberly sitting at a McDonald's on one of our trips to visit MeMe and Pyran. She's so beautiful. I love this little girl and feel so blessed to know her and have her in my life.

After a long wait, I finally attended my Birth Boot Camp training. Here I am with the lovely Sarah who writes Mama Birth and Donna Ryan who writes Banned From Baby Showers and founded Birth Boot Camp.

Kimberly is so cute. I love her little face. I'm so glad to have her as my little girl. I was so worried about how I would love another baby, but I hadn't met Kimberly yet! She has my heart and so does Lily.