Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summer catch-up post

The past two months have been quite a blur. I lost my sweet kitty, Rustie, on my 30th birthday. The following day, my father-in-law and his wife came into town to help us celebrate Lily's 3rd birthday. I can't believe I don't have any pictures from that! I really wasn't feeling up to planning a birthday party after having to put my kitty to sleep, so thankfully, Chuck E. Cheese was just the ticket! After we came back and put the girls to bed, we adults stayed up way too late talking. As soon as we made the decision to go to bed around midnight, I got the call to head to a mama's side. It was wonderful to attend a beautiful and fast home birth as my first birth back from maternity leave. I was back home three hours after I left. I got some sleep, taught a lesson the next morning, and prepared for Kimberly's blessing day.

Me and Kimberly

The Dress

Kimberly and her MommyDaddy

Daddy's little girl

The following weekend I attended two babywearing meetings. It has been about two years since I attended anything like that. I learned a few tricks to help me with my Ergobaby carrier, but I still need to learn the back carries. Hopefully I can make another meeting soon. What's interesting about attending meetings like that is that I get to see some of my former clients at them. One of my clients and her husband own a photography business and snuck this picture in while I wasn't paying attention.

During the middle of the month of June I taught my first ever Comfort Measures class at one of the local libraries. I had a blast! Only three people showed up, but that's more than I expected honestly. There was a couple there that hired me as their doula on the spot! Before class even started! It was definitely a blessing, because I have already been hired by one of their referrals. Can you believe that? It's really very exciting. 

In July, I performed at a Stake Women's meeting with a few other sisters from the Stake, and it was really fun. I've been teaching lessons over the summer, so I am still keeping up with all the flute stuff. I am meeting a new student tomorrow, so the students that want to come to my home are increasing. One day... hopefully... I will only teach out of my home. Won't that be nice?

I taught another Comfort Measures class in July for a friend's monthly birth support group. That one didn't go as well, but I am glad that I am getting out there and doing stuff like that. 

Toward the end of the month I went home for a visit. It was pretty low-key. I ended up getting food poisoning toward the middle and had to spend a day recovering from that. As you can see, I have discovered a fun photo collage app. Here is a collage of our trip.

A few months ago I got a new calling in church. Assistant primary pianist. Can you believe that? I don't play the piano! Ha ha! Not really. I was required to play in college, but I don't consider myself a pianist by any means. I finally spent my first Sunday having to play. I worked really hard, and managed to get through it. Yay me!

This past weekend I attended The Big Latch On and spent pretty much the rest of the weekend attending another birth. It was a long one! Phew! I'm just now getting to the point where I feel back to normal from my trip home and the birth. Somehow this summer I have filled my calendar with births. I'm not sure exactly what happened. I only have one opening left for 2013 and that is mid/late December. I love feeling like a real doula with all the prenatal appointments and births lately. I have one more August birth and three September births. I am taking October off to rest and perform in a concert, and then I have one mom due in November. I actually got a phone call today from another November mom. I'm not sure if I will be able to fit her in, but it won't hurt to talk to her and see. If I do take her, I might just take December off. Maybe. If I can stand it....