Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sleep while your baby sleeps

Yes, I know that's what I should be doing right now. I just want to take advantage of this hands free moment to update a little on my bundle of joy.

Lily turned three months old on September 4th.

She has learned to:

  • Roll from tummy to back
  • Roll from back to tummy
  • Accidentally say ma-ma-ma-ma
  • Giggle and smile
  • Drool
  • Hold her head up on her own
  • Push up on her elbows
  • Coo and "talk" to mommy and daddy
  • Grab things
  • Scoot a little-by accident I think
  • Use the big potty

Ha ha! Just kidding on the last one. I think I fell asleep and started dreaming a little. She really is a funny baby and makes me laugh all the time. I enjoy being with her, and I am so in love with my little girl!

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