Monday, July 4, 2011

C25K: Week 2

Day 1:

I did it! Woohoo!

I just had to get that out of the way. I have been worried about week 2 before I even finished week 1. I would have thoughts such as, "If I can barely get through Week 1, how in the world am I even going to make the through Week 2? Much less the next 8 weeks!!! It only gets harder!" It appears as if my negative self talk will be my biggest obstacle, though I should be used to that. I've had to battle my negative self talk with everything I have ever tried to accomplish. I really want to kick it's butt, though.

Go away negative self talk! I don't need you!

Maybe I should name this thing. Maybe I can call it Mr. Poopy Negative Pants. I wonder why it would be "Mr." though. Then again, that could make me look like I have issues. I mean, split personality much?

But then again women have referred to their periods as Aunt Flo for a long time. Ha ha ha! Got you! No disclaimer on that little tidbit of TMI. So if I can have an Aunt Flo in my life, I can have a Mr. Poopy Negative Pants too. Maybe they can get married. After all they tend to hang out together a lot. Just like the red and blue crayon. You knew they were married, right?

So the goal of this week is to have a brisk five minute walk followed by 20 minutes of alternating 90 seconds of running and 60 seconds of walking. For some reason, the 60 seconds of walking this week went by way faster than the 60 seconds of running last week. The 90 second intervals seemed to feel about the same both weeks, though last week I was walking and this week I am running. Well, jogging. Oh, and I ran at 5.5 mph. I was way to chicken to try 6 mph today. Maybe by the end of the week.

But the summary for today is I did it!

Day 2:

It's been about 9 hours since I did my workout this morning, so my emotions are not as raw about my accomplishment. But, I did it! And today seemed to go by more quickly than previous days. I still had to really push myself the last 5 minutes or so. I had to talk to myself and say, "Don't quit now! I won't let you quit! I am in control, body, listen to ME!"

Mr. Negative Poopy Pants did not make very much of an appearance yesterday, which I am very happy about. I still ran at 5.5 mph. I am not ready to go faster.

Tomorrow is a rest day. Hallelujah!

Day 3:

I did it! I didn't think I could do it, but I did it!

I can get to about 14 minutes without any problems, but that is where I need to start talking to myself to get through the remaining 11 minutes. Mr. Negative Poopy Pants was not very loud today, but that didn't mean he wasn't just as strong. I had faint whispers of "I can't do this. I want to quit. This is uncomfortable," during today's workout. I really had to push myself. I began to say, "I am in control. Yes! I am in control. Yes!" over and over again during my last 3 running intervals. It reminded me of some of the things I might say to a laboring mom if she feels like she is losing control. I am glad that I am doing this before I have attended births because I am putting my body in a position of doing something that I feel like I can't do. I am making myself feel like I can't go on anymore and then I get to quit. That's a really big difference between running and birth. I can stop if I want to. However, I feel like it was easier to endure giving birth. I was able to go deep inside of myself for birth, and I have not been able to go to that amazing place while running. If I could just find it, I think running would be better for me. Oh well. Perhaps if I was able to go to that place any time, birth wouldn't be as amazing and special.

Enough about birth! I was able to make it through the workout today, but I get ahead of myself when I think about following weeks. It's difficult for me to just focus on today. I think about adding things to my workout, such as weight training and sprinting, to maximize weight loss. Then I have to say, "Whoa, Nellie. Slow down a bit. You just need to get used to getting up off your booty! This is a lifestyle change, remember? Don't get ahead of yourself." I am just getting impatient. I want to lean, strong body NOW! I'm glad I put my scale away because I would probably be feeling discouraged rather than accomplished right about now.

Day 4:

I planned to have a day four of this week, and I set my alarm to go for it at 6 am. Well, at 1:30 am I got a call from one of my moms that she was in labor! Woohoo! My first birth. Because she was so far along when I got there, I thought maybe I could go to the birth and run later. Well, I didn't even start heading home until 3 pm. I checked my email in the car and saw an email from another mom that she thought she might be in labor. At 4:45 pm after barely showering, eating and napping, I got another call to attend my second birth of the day. I think that was a great excuse not to add a day 4 to this week.

Sneak peak: I just finished doing week 3 day 1. :o)

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