Monday, July 18, 2011

C25K: Week 4

Day 1:

Part 1-

I'm sad. I didn't do it. I tried, but I made it to the last 5 minute interval and quit. I had four minutes left to go and just burst into tears.

The routine: Start with a brisk 5 minute walk. Then, Jog 3 minutes, walk 90 seconds, Jog 5 minutes, walk 2.5 minutes, Jog 3 minutes, walk 90 seconds, Jog 5 minutes. I just (felt like) I couldn't do it. I had just four minutes left to go. I just cried. I felt so disappointed.

This past week was pretty hard on me though. Perhaps I need to just forgive myself. Last Saturday I attended two births. It took nearly that whole week to recover from those births, but I still managed to successfully complete week 3. This Saturday I attended another birth. I think I am just wiped out, not to mention I was unusually tired last week. I mean, I am tired all the time. It's part of my life as a mom now, but it was just more than normal.

I am definitely taking my rest day tomorrow, though already I am feeling determined to try. It's only been 3 hours and I feel determined to try again tomorrow. We'll see what happens. Whatever happens, the next time I will call it Day 1, Part 2.

Day 1, Part 2:

I'll just say it. I did it!

I decided to take a rest day yesterday so that I could really give it my all today. I'll admit, I went into today with a lot of fear. I did not have confidence that I could do it and I felt pretty defeated. At the same time, I had a glimmer of determination. Just a tiny little smidge of hope that I could do it. It appears that the tiny little bit of hope and determination that I had, I was able to use and make it.

Mr. Negative Poopy Pants was also in full force today. He was trying to tell me how ugly I am, how I am wasting my time, how fat I am, how I will never be good at this, etc. You name it, he said it. It was very easy to believe, and here is where I confess. I weighed myself yesterday and discovered I've only lost one pound. I suppose I should celebrate my small victory, but it depressed me. I knew I shouldn't have done it, but I did. I went this long without weighing myself and I was feeling pretty good about my accomplishments. But after a day where I didn't quite make it, I decided to beat myself up further and pull the scale down out of the top of my closet.

I am glad that during my workout there is no room in my brain for Mr. Negative Poopy Pants as I am trying to encourage and push myself to success. Today he came right back when I was done. Not cool.

Day 2:

I did it! It was so hard, but I did it! Today I felt a lot of fear before I went. I did not feel very encouraged or even determined that I could do it. I just went and did it though. Those last five minutes are terrible for me! I really have to push myself.

The past few days I haven't had much of an appetite. People keep telling me it's a blessing, but my paranoid self worries I am doing something wrong.

At least Mr. Negative Poopy Pants wasn't around today.

Day 3:

Since I started Week 5 Day 1 today, it is hard for me to remember exactly how I felt about my workout Saturday. I did it! I completed it! Yay! It was hard. I never felt like it became easy for me to do. I remember telling my husband, "Even though I did it, I still feel like I can't do it." I think I am having more difficulty controlling my thoughts rather than my body. Hopefully Mr. Negative Poopy Pants will disappear for good one day.

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  1. most of exercising is mental training and the mind is often what stops people short of what their body can do. You probably know this already but drink lots of water (because lots of water helps curb your appetite), increase the amount of Green Veggies (especially spinaige raw) and berries (help curb appetite). Don't take in more than 1600 cal's a day (net) and don't be afraid if at the end of your regiment you are practically gasping for long as you are not dehydrated, stand up (don't hunch) and let the fatigue take it's course through deep breaths. That should help promote more rapid weight loss.

    Foods you should look into to eat more often in your meals:
    Eggs, Swiss Chard, Green Tea, Grapefruit, Quinoa, Bell Peppers, Avacado, Garlic, Almonds and Greek Yogurt