Monday, June 14, 2010

Pretty Baby

This is me about two weeks before Lilian was born. It's hard to imagine that she fit in there, and she most likely gained about one more pound from that point until her birth.

This is my favorite picture of Lilian so far. I think she's such a pretty little baby, and I love this little dress. Look at those big eyes!

This was my attempt to match with Lilian's cute little green dress. Too bad I'm so sleep deprived in this picture and didn't really feel up to fixing my hair.

I don't think he sees it, but I think Lilian and Robbie look just alike when they are sleeping. They both like to sleep with their heads on their arms in the same way.

It seems like she's already grown so much in her short time outside of the womb! We have our first well baby visit on Friday, so I imagine they will weigh and measure her. She eats all the time, so I'll be very surprised if she hasn't gained her birth weight back by her appointment.

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