Wednesday, February 24, 2010

15 Weeks 4 Days

We finally announced to the world we are having a baby, and it was so fun! On the drive home, Robbie and I were tossing around baby names again and decided that if it's a boy, we'll name him Jackson Hayward Keen. It seemed to fit so well! I think we've decided that we'll name our baby Lillian if it's a girl and call her Lily. We are having a difficult time deciding on the middle name. Several people have suggested Lillian Nicole, and I feel a little weird about that. Is it okay if my kid has the same middle name as I do? I really does sound good though.

My next appointment is December 22nd, and Robbie is finally going to be able to go! I am excited to see how he is going to react to hearing our baby's heartbeat. His face was priceless when he thought he felt the baby kicking, and I was so sad to disappoint him by telling him it was just gas. I have thought I have felt the tiniest little poke in there a few days ago, but it is still really too early for a first-timer like me to know what I'm feeling. Sometimes I feel as if something is rolling around in there, but again, it's difficult for me to know whether or not it might just be normal tummy rumblings.

I finally brought up the subject of cloth diapers, and as expected, it didn't go over very well. But we settled on an agreement better than I thought we would. I think we're going to start with disposables when the baby is really tiny, and slowly transition to cloth. We'll try cloth for awhile and see how it works. I promised I would do a rinse with just water and bleach after every diaper wash. That works for me! If that helps with his mental comfort enough that I can try cloth diapers, then I'll do it!

That was pretty much the only parenting choice that we didn't agree on. I don't think Robbie is totally on board with it, but he's not flat out against it. I am thankful for his willingness to try. I can't wait to see him holding our little baby and teaching it about the world! He's going to be the cutest daddy I've ever seen!

P.S. March 4, 2010

I finally found my camera again after we moved, so I would like to share a few pictures. My Master's recital ended up being a big baby announcement, and my friend Antonia helped to make a cute reception as a big clue. She had baby carrots, little bite sized cookies, little bottles of water, slim jims, among other tiny foods. She also made these little signs that said, "These are Slim Jim's; they're like BABY sausages. These are little bottles of water, like BABY bottles of water." She had them set up all over the table. It was cute.

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