Sunday, February 21, 2010

12 Weeks

Today I have reached the 12 week marker, and I am very excited! This is supposed to be the week that the threat of miscarriage goes down significantly. We also have one week left until we let Robbie's family know about Baby Keen! I can't wait. They just think my recital is the celebration-no-it's a BABY!

My recital IS a celebration, and I can't wait until it gets here. I'm ready to be done with the stress of preparing for a recital. I can't wait until all I have to do is sit around crocheting baby blankets, and thinking about baby things. Well, I'll have to teach lessons and continue to perform, and all that, but it will be FUN. No pressure. It's funny how thinking, "I'm doing this for the baby," motivates me to get through this. I'm finishing school as quickly as I can for the baby. I started exercising LAST YEAR for the baby. I've tried eating better for a long time for the baby. Everything is for the baby. :o)

I really think we're going to call the baby Rebecca if it's a girl because anytime we talk about it, Robbie likes to call the baby Rebecca. He just KNOWS it's a girl. I still don't KNOW. I'm waiting for a confirmation in a few weeks.

I'm still having first trimester symptoms, but I have good days in there sometimes. I'll have energy one day and not the next, and I'll have an appetite one day and not the next. Hopefully all that will clear up soon. I can't wait to eat real food again! Thanksgiving is in a week. I BETTER be back to normal by then! Green bean casserole, here WE come!!!

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