Sunday, February 19, 2012

Yes, No, Maybe, I don't know!

The past 36 hours or so have felt like a week! During my nap yesterday, one of the dads I am working with called me and left a message. I did not answer because
1. I did not recognize the number and
2. I thought I kinda recognized it a little bit as a person who has been calling me the past few days that I did not feel like talking to at that time.

About an hour after the dad called me, Robbie texted me to beg me not to go to the scheduled prenatal visit with said dad's girlfriend due to the horrible rains that were due to come last night. Also, Robbie does not feel safe when we travel on Friday nights. So I called both the mom and the dad to ask if we could reschedule our prenatal visit for Saturday or Sunday as soon as we could because she was scheduled to be induced Monday or Tuesday. After I called and left messages for both of them, I decided to check the voicemail. It was the dad! He told me that the mama was in the hospital again and they were thinking she would need to be induced this weekend due to her blood pressure being so high. Oh my! So I called and texted to get the scoop. I thought I would need to go visit for a prenatal anyway, so while I was waiting to hear something, I hurried and made pizza for dinner. Yes, we have decided to quit the Atkins diet yet again.

After I finally finished making and scarfing down the pizza, I gave the dad a call to see if they still wanted a visit. Mom was being moved to a labor and delivery room at the time, so he said he would talk with her to see what she wanted. She was very nervous about what was going on and really wanted a visit. He finally got in touch with me again and we set an appointment to meet at 11am Saturday (today).

So I went to visit mom at the hospital this morning and she seemed to really calm down as our visit progressed. Shortly before I left, a nurse came in to bring food, and to report that they would move her back to the antepartum rooms, monitor her blood pressure, and probably start the induction process tonight. We went over our game plan of when to call, and I came home.

I ate lunch and after Lily woke up from her nap, I decided to go shopping with her to give Robbie some "me time." I've been wanting to do that for him all week long, and it just never happened. Finally, I seized my opportunity. We went to Dollar Tree and bought some Easter window clings, some new cookie sheets since mine met a terrible fate last night and some lip balm for the mamas due in the next few weeks. Then we went to Target for some kitty litter, goody bags and chocolate icing. I debated buying a peanut ball to help with those mamas who use epidurals, but a doula friend of mine convinced me that there were other ways of providing the same effect without spending the money. Another doula friend of mine said I could probably find one cheaper elsewhere, and she's probably right. I've been perfectly fine without a peanut ball so far, so I'll get one after I've attended a few births where I feel like it would have come in handy.

When I came back home it was time to start making dinner. I can't remember if it was during dinner or right after where the mama texted me to tell me that they were NOT going through with the induction, that her blood pressure was doing great, and that they were going to leave baby be and get her to full term. Yay! Mama was not quite 36 weeks yet. I'm so happy for her and amazed by her. She did so great taking charge of her birth and protecting her wee little baby and made sure that the hospital staff had the right information.

Since then, I have been working on Primary Scripture/Talk/Prayer assignment cards. They are ALL done! Phew! That took FOREVER!!!

I think all the "yes, no, maybe, I don't know" with that particular mama the past 36 hours has just wore my poor little brain out. I can't imagine how she is feeling right now. And guess what! I have another mama due tomorrow. And then another 9 days after that. It's definitely going to be a fun month.

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  1. Why do I NEVER see you at church?! I still have your pizza pan in our car. Next time you see me, tell me to go get it!

    Having a baby can be confusing sometimes. I was always so afraid of going to the hospital and not being progressed enough. I really didn't want to be sent home.