Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year End Review and 2012 Goals

I thought that I blogged about my 2011 goals but it looks like I didn't. I set the bar low this year so that I wouldn't be too disappointed at the end. I may have had a few goals that I don't remember, but here is what I can remember.

2011 Goals:

  • Host 3 reviews and giveaways on my blog
  • Attend doula training
  • Attend 1 birth

2011 Accomplishments:

  • Hosted 10 reviews/giveaways on my blog
  • Attended my doula training
  • Attended 6 births in 6 months
  • Completed my first 5K

2012 Goals-the "Biggies":

  • Attend 1 continuing education type workshop to increase my doula skills, such as the Spinning Babies workshop in February
  • Attend 5 births
  • Complete my DONA certification
  • Complete 1 5K
  • F.A.C.E. our finances

I have a few little teensy goals right now such as checking the mail every day and organizing and decluttering our bedroom. I was just thinking about how I am disappointed in myself that I don't have goals to read my scriptures more regularly and pray more, but I suppose I just think of those things as part of who I am rather than things to check off a list. Although, I really do need to read my scriptures more regularly and pray more. I think I'll reflect on that and come up with a separate list of goals and commitments for my spiritual life. 

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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