Friday, December 2, 2011

Finally Loving Yourself

Hey fluties!

Just a quick note before Lily wakes up and we hit the road for another Christmas Concert with the Rapides Symphony Orchestra.

Have you heard of Flylady? I hope so! I discovered her as a new mom when I needed something to help me with the C.H.A.O.S. of new motherhood. I started out on a roll, receiving daily emails and trying to keep up. Even though it's not about "keeping up," I needed to stop receiving emails and just do what I could do. I tried keeping up with the Monday House Blessings, setting my timer for 10 minutes to complete chores, especially dishes, and I tried to put myself in a situation to follow, "One load a day keeps C.H.A.O.S. away." I have finally gotten myself if that situation with the laundry and I am so proud. My sink is shined. Well almost. All the dishes are clean, but the sink is a little icky. Everything in the living room has a place. We have organized Lily's nursery the way I want. The last area of concentration will be the master bedroom.

The biggest part that I wanted to talk about today was our Finances. I have felt like we have been trying to run from our finances and that created a lot of fear. Biting the bullet and doing what we needed to do is really lifting a burden! I am so happy about how we are doing. I needed to pay some bills which were a little behind due to Thanksgiving and my lack of organization, and I admit, a little bit of fear of not wanting to see all the money in our bank account disappear in an instant of paying boring ole bills. But this morning I took care of it. We are so much more ahead of where we have been since getting married. I'll admit, we are receiving so many blessings from Heavenly Father right now to be in this situation, and we are in a much better place financially now than we ever have been since getting married and moving to Texas. This wouldn't be possible without Heavenly Father pouring out His blessings upon us.

I think we are finally!


C.H.A.O.S.-Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome

F.A.C.E.-Financial Awareness Creates Empowerment (I may be wrong on this one. Someone correct me if I am!)

F.L.Y.-Finally Loving Yourself....and in our case today it could be Financially Loving Yourself

Go Fly!!!!


Flybaby Kristi

P.S. Flylady has no idea I am writing this. I realized it started to sound like a commercial or something, but these are my own thoughts and my own words. It is just a testimonial of how awesome she is, and also of how great a mood I am in right now with this weight lifted from my shoulders.

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