Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Prolactin Ponderings: Greetings

I am often awake at the wee hours of the morning feeding my DD, and I have noticed that I have WEIRD thoughts at those times. Is it the mixture of special hormones flowing through my bloodstream or the sleep deprivation that has become my constant companion over the past few months? Whatever the cause, I'll affectionately refer to my early morning reflections as "prolactin ponderings."

I have never understood how to respond appropriately to the greeting, "What's up?" (Or any variation of this question) I don't know why this greeting makes me feel weird, but it always has. I mostly experienced this question during the year and a half I worked at a certain insurance company while spending countless hours with my dear friend The Copy Machine. No kidding, people would see me standing at the copier and turn around rather than try to form a line. Because I was there so much, many people would walk past and ask, "What's up?" Of course they were gone before I had a chance to respond with my own greeting, much less an actual answer to the question. So what IS up? The ceiling? The sky? Gas prices? Taxes? My skirt size? I started by responding, "Nothing much!" But that wasn't true. I was always extremely busy at work. Then I tried returning the greeting by saying, "Hey!" That didn't seem to fit either. I tried just looking at them and smiling. That seemed to work the best, but I felt no less weird. Do I say "What's up?" back?

I shared my concern with my DH and he said, "I think you think too much." think?

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  1. If I say what's up? to dh he says, "the ceiling" or "the sky." I usually respond "not much"