Friday, August 6, 2010

Lily's Blessing Day

Sunday was Lily's blessing day, and it was such a beautiful and special day. Lily was a perfect little angel the entire time. Robbie said someone passed by and told him, "All that is missing are the wings!"

Our little family after the blessing

These special men were a part of the blessing

Robbie really loves his little girl and said some really beautiful things in her baby blessing. I was able to "abuse my power" as the ward music chairperson and pick the music. I chose "I Am a Child of God" and "Families Can Be Together Forever" and imagined what Lily might sound like singing those. Robbie leaned over when we were about to sing "Families Can Be Together Forever, " and said, "Are you TRYING to make me cry?" I choked back my own little tears and said, "No!"

After everyone else took pictures I finally said, "Okay, I want pictures since I'm the mommy and all!" I am so proud of my sweet little baby. I fall more and more in love with her every day. I am definitely thankful for all the help I had that day getting her ready-that I received from above and that I received from those around me!

Once we made it back home, we were able to enjoy a new slow cooker chicken recipe I came up with using fresh bell peppers from my mom's garden. Yum yum! What a great day with food, family, and a very special little girl!

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