Thursday, March 4, 2010

27 Weeks 1 Day

I'm feeling her kicks more and more. She seems to prefer to kick me in the ribs on my right side more than anywhere else, and it sort of feels weird now. I can see how this will start to become very uncomfortable pretty soon.

Next week I have an appointment to have the glucose screening. Hopefully I pass.

Robbie and I attended our very first Childbirth Education class and we are super excited to be able to start preparing for the birth of our baby.

I have a baby shower to attend on March 20th, and I can't wait to see all the cute baby things that Lilian is going to get.

I found a few patterns online for crocheting diaper covers so I can pass the time. Somehow the first one I made came out really big.

This looks like it would fit a really big baby! I made another one from another diaper cover pattern I found, and it might be too small. Maybe not though. It's going to be hard to know what size I'll need until she gets here, but by then, I won't have time to make any of these. I suppose I can just make a whole bunch in different sizes.

This is all I've made so far. This last one frustrated me a little because the yarn wasn't working the way I would have liked. I think I like the pattern of the second one better because it is a little easier, and I feel like I have more control of the size.

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