Monday, February 7, 2011

25 things about flutie patootie

Because my brain has been overloaded with thinking too much, I decided to borrow an idea from Tres Jolie and share 25 facts you did not know about me. Here goes nothing.

1. I play the flute. Maybe you could tell that.

2. I really wanted to play the piano when I was a kid. I begged and begged for a piano. Never got one.

3. When it came time to pick instruments, I really wanted to play clarinet, but a friend of mine persuaded me that buying reeds would get expensive and I should play flute with her. So I did. She quit after the first year. I. Didn't.

4. I have a love-hate relationship with my flute. Sometimes I really REALLY hate the thing. It makes me miserable. But I can't live without it. I must have it!

5. I am left handed and I think that's AWE-some!

6. I did not know that what I had thought was a pecan was actually a walnut until I was 20. True story.

7. I think poo is funny. I can't help it. The word is hilarious. Hi-LAR-i-ous!!! Go ahead. Say it out loud....Poo...I bet you're smiling.

8. In reference to #7, anywhere I go, I become known as the "Poo Girl." I do not TRY to do this, but it seems that if you laugh about it one time in front of people, you get labeled. Watch out.

9. I think hay bales are funny. Not the square ones. It has to be a big round one. They are SOOO funny! They just sit there. Bein' hay bales.  It's funny.

10. Yes, I'm weird. Thanks.

11. Remember the old Zoloft commercial with the little round smiley face guy that would scoot across the screen and then bounce around? Hilarious.

12. I think the Pop Tarts commercials are so cute, sweet and innocent. I love them!

13. I hate talking on the phone. Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate it! I can totally relate to Jolie on that one. I'd much rather talk in person.

14. As far as I can remember I have never ordered a pizza over the phone in my entire life. Maybe once a few months ago because my husband pestered me into it. But...I THINK I may have gotten out of it somehow.

15. I have a terrible memory.

16. I'm a musician, right? I can NOT understand words in music! I just can't! I call anything on the radio "word music."

17. More on #16. On any music other than classical music, there is something in my brain that absolutely prevents me from matching artists with the correct title of a song.

18. I fell out of a second story window when I was a toddler. Probably explains #9. Number 11. Oh, yeah, and #15.

19. I want to be a doula when I grow up.

20. I can crochet. My latest projects are diaper covers and matching hats. I have some cute ideas up my sleeve.

21. I married my high school sweetheart and I still have the hugest crush on him. He's so cute! I still get jealous sometimes and think that all the "other girls" want him.

22. I tried gymnastics, soft ball and tae kwon do before I started playing the flute. I was incredibly bad at all of those things, but flute just seemed to happen for me!

23. I was too scared to drive, so I did not get my drivers' license until I was 18. I still prefer not to drive if I do not have to.

24. Borrowing an idea from Jolie (see her #19) I am scared scared scared of butterflies. It must be a phobia b/c that is totally irrational. I am also scared of bees and wasps, but that is a little more normal.

25. When I was a little kid, I would fill the bathroom sink with water and fill it with toilet paper. I would stand there squishing the toilet paper in my hands, look in the mirror and ponder what a funny word "mirror" was. For some reason I feel comfortable telling strangers in England about this, but not people I know.

Until now.

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