Monday, October 4, 2010

Prolactin Ponderings: B( . )( . )bies!

Ode to the B( . )( . )b
by Lilian Keen

It's 5 am.
I suck on my hands.
That's the signal Mommy needs.
She comes to get me.
To take care of my needs.
We sit in the chair.
I look up at her,
And she looks down at me.

And then I start to sing
Nom nom nom
Mmm mmm mmm ahhhhhh

And then I sigh.

After awhile my belly gets full.
She looks down at me
I give a big smile
And I give a big stretch.
I give a big yawn and then a little ummmmm ummmmmm

Milk runs down my chin.
Mommy wipes it away.
She tucks me in her arms
And carries me to bed
Where I close my eyes, smile
And dream about milk.

Nom nom nom nom
Mmmmmm mmmmm mmmmm



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