Saturday, April 16, 2011

Baby Hands

In light of all my mully grubbiness lately, I want to share something that is very cute. 

It's no mystery that mommies and babies share a special bond and that mommies have a special way of cheering their babies up. I'll admit that Lily gets in trouble sometimes. It's not big trouble, but sometimes she knows when she has done something that has hurt or upset her mommy. For example, this morning Lily decided that she was going to bite my shoulder. That hurts! So I told her, "Lily! Don't bite! That hurts Mommy." She could tell I was upset with her. She pulled away from my shoulder, looked at me, and pouted her adorable little heart melting pout. She bowed her head in an "I'm embarrassed" sort of way and continued to pout. Then she just laid her head on my shoulder looking sad. So I told her, "Lily, Mommy still loves you! You don't know that hurts. It's okay. I love you." She still pouted. So I tickled her a bit, and that still did not seem to cheer her. Well, me being her mommy and all, I knew exactly what would work. It works like a charm every time. I took her little finger and started eating it! Nibble nibble nibble! Kiss kiss kiss! Nom nom nom! She LOVES it. I had her smiling in no time. That's her favorite game. It's SO cute and one of those things that makes me love being a mom.

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