Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Cinemagic

I performed in another Rapides Symphony concert on December 5th, which allowed me to spend more time with family. Santa and even the Grinch were in attendance at this Christmas Cinemagic concert!

Lily met Santa for the first time while I was back stage packing after the concert. I was worried that I would not have a chance to snag Santa for a picture, but I am glad that my mom was able to take care of that for me.

My mom hardly ever looks like she is smiling in pictures, so I think this one is especially cute! Not even my military mommy can resist the charms of the Lily Pilly!!!

Of course Lily saves the biggest smiles for when her mommy is being a silly goose! It's hard work making this child give big smiles! At least for a completely non-silly person like me!

I finally snagged Mr. Grinch after packing up and Santa Claus jumped in the picture at the last minute. Mr. Grinch sure was himself because he would NOT hold Lily! At least he was nice about refusing.

Finally we were able to take pictures in front of the pretty Christmas tree in the lobby, but Lily would not pay attention to the camera.

I am thankful that I was able to start celebrating the season of Our Savior's birth by playing in a concert for my sweet little girl for her first Christmas. She was so good and seemed to enjoy listening to the music. I couldn't help but start getting teary eyed while the strings played "Silent Night", my favorite Christmas song. I'd love to hear how you kicked off the Christmas season!!!


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  2. Just wanted to throw some support your way. Really liked the pictures!!!

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  3. That sounds so lovely. We had a quiet Christmas morning at home just the three of us. My 2 year old was pretty excited as she understood it better this year. A few minutes ago she turned to me and said, "Jesus Birthday Gone." I told her it'd be back in a year. :)

  4. What great pictures! Lily's dress is beautiful! I'm stopping in from MBC- great blog you've got here!
    ~Jules @

  5. I love the pictures of your baby with her grandma--such great smiles! And kudos to grandma for snapping the Santa picture! I'm glad you had a good Christmas!