Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Adventures of a Breastfeeding Mama

Everything that happened to me and everything that I did for the last week and a half I did for the sake of breastfeeding my daughter. Here is the incredibly LONG story that I will try to keep as short as possible.

October 21st I decided would be the day I would spend driving to Denham Springs. Once I got there, I was able to see my Aunt Shirley, whom I have not seen for over 14 years, and Lily was finally able to meet her Pyran.

Lily playing with Pyran

Before Aunt Shirley left on Friday to go to a class reunion in Jonesville, LA, we took several pictures. She is another aunt that Robbie would probably call my "real mother."

Early Saturday morning, my mom, Lily and I left for Alexandria, LA for a Rapides Symphony concert in which I was playing. We stayed with Mom's cousin Patricia and her husband. This was the first time I or Lily met this part of our family.

Aunt Shirley, Lily, Me, Patricia and Mom

Everyone decided to come support me at my concert, which was nice. Mom selected the next day, Sunday, as our travel day back to Denham Springs. Before we were going to pack to leave, Aunt Shirley decided to pop in for a surprise visit at Patricia's house. Well we HAD to stay. When she got there, we decided to go to another cousin's house. When we made it to Lynn's house (the other cousin) we stayed for awhile and ate gumbo. Lynn's son and his girlfriend, my great Aunt Sarah, Patricia and her husband Larry, Lynn, aunt Shirley, Mom, Lily and I were all there enjoying gumbo. After a few hours we were ready to go. Before we left, I packed Lily in her car seat and was searching for my phone in Mom's purse. Patricia's husband, Larry, who I met for the very first time this weekend, decided to come up behind me and yank my pants down. So, for the first time in 27 years that happened to me by a man who is twice my age. How nice. I'm still deciding how to proceed in this matter, as I later found out that he likes to do that to kids as a joke. If he pulls their pants down in public, what in the world does he do in secret? I guess he did not realize how old I am, even though I'm a married woman with a baby. My mom said my appearance of innocence must have gotten to him.

Well, needless to say my mom, Aunt Shirley, Lily and I left for Denham Springs in a hurry after that.

Before we left for Denham Springs, and before "The Incident" I was able to get a picture with all the Cockerham women.

On Monday, Faith and Darryl stopped by to visit with Lily for a little while.

Lily and the Malletts

On Tuesday, my FIL's fiancee took me shopping, which was pretty fun. I was able to rack up for pretty cheap at a store called Rue 21.

Wednesday and Thursday I spent practicing. Tchaik 4 is definitely not sightreading material!

Friday my mom, Lily and I packed up and headed to Alexandria again for another concert with the Rapides Symphony called "Shadows and Light." Now, just to make it clear, my mom would go with me to watch Lily during my rehearsals so I could nurse the rest of the time. The whole reason for going to Denham Springs, for staying with family, and for having my mom go with me is so I could continue to give what I consider to be the best thing for her-Mama Milk through breastfeeding.

Because of "The Incident" the previous weekend, we stayed in the hotel the symphony provides. On Saturday, between the rehearsal and concert, we had plenty of time for visits. This was when Lily got to meet her Great Grandmother Ingeburg and Great Aunt Melanie for the first time.

Mawmaw and Lily

Melanie and Lily

They were able to support me during my concert. That was a very interesting experience. I could not pump quite enough milk for my mom's comfort during the concert, so I brought my pump with me back stage. During the second piece that I did not play in, I ran to the dressing room back stage and pumped. During intermission I ran out to the lobby to give my mom the milk. After intermission I got to play Tchaik 4. Fun times! Remember? Adventures of a Breastfeeding Mama.

After the concert I was able to take a couple of very meaningful photos.

Four Generation photo

Three Generations: Big Smiles!

Because I did not think we would be able to celebrate Halloween due to the concerts, I did not bother buying her a costume. Robbie and I really wanted her to be a monkey, but for various reasons, I did not get around to buying her a costume. To make a long story short, we WERE able to go trick or treating and Linda and Mr. Wendell found her the best costume they could at the last minute.

My cutie pie all ready for trick or treating

And Monday we came home to a cleaner house than we left because my husband is the best man in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD and I love him so much! We are very happy to be home!

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