Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's a girl!!!!

Robbie and I went for our big appointment with the midwives to have the 20 week ultrasound done. We are happy to share that our little one is a girl, and her name is Lillian Nicole. We'll call her Lily for short...sometimes. We already just love this little baby and we haven't even met her yet! We know she's the cutest little thing already, and she's a sweetheart! I'm sharing my middle name with her, and I might just share my birthday too! The due date is June 2nd, but she was measuring just a little big. She might be born on my birthday, May 31st. How funny would that be?

I haven't mentioned very much about the pregnancy on this blog because I'm keeping a pregnancy blog. It's I didn't want to share that one until after we announced the pregnancy to everyone. Just a warning, it gets a little detailed sometimes. Not too bad though.

In other news, my mom sent me this amazing website that helped me fill in some gaps on my family history today. I feel like I should try to work on this while I have some free time the next few months.

As far as work, it's the same thing. Robbie's working at Stafford and I'm am still teaching flute lessons. I didn't lose all the students I thought I would, and I ended up gaining one. They have solo and ensemble contest next weekend, so we're working really hard in lessons! We usually do, but there's a little more pressure right now. They're doing well though.

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